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BinTalk Wireless Feed Bin Sensor

BinTalk Wireless Feed Bin Sensor

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How it fits into the BarnTalk alarm platform: 

Connects wirelessly to the BarnTalk Gateway. For best results, we recommend one sensor per bin. BinTalk Wireless Feed Bin Sensor should be placed within ~700 feet of the BarnTalk Gateway. On multi-barn sites, the sensor’s range can often extend wirelessly across multiple buildings depending on proximity.

● Self-Calibrating in Bin 

● Readings taken as often as every hour

● Utilizes HD Mapping Technology with greater than 95% accuracy

● No Drilling or Holes in Your Bin. Easy DIY Install in 10 minutes

● No Contracts and No Subscription Per Bin

● Tested for Maximum Durability in Harsh Conditions

For gateways with any number of BinTalk sensors on them, there is an additional cost of either $10 per month or $120 per year for each gateway that has BinTalk sensors.

Limit of 8 BinTalk sensors per Gateway. 

BarnTalk is the only wireless barn alarm with certified multi-carrier connectivity built right into the system. Once you plug the BarnTalk Gateway into power, it connects to the strongest local cell tower, regardless of carrier, eliminating the need for a landline, WiFi, or hotspot. BarnTalk sends alarms via push notification, SMS text message or phone call based on the user’s preferences.For optimal alarms and monitoring, you’ll need a BarnTalk subscription. This subscription covers connectivity and data costs.

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  • Reliable Readings

    BinTalk delivers dependable, real-time readings that provide you with 24/7 visibility into your feed bin levels.

  • Accurate Measurements

    With >96% accuracy compared to bin scales, BinTalk provides accurate monitoring that’s more affordable and easier to install.

  • Optimize Feed Ordering

    Know what’s been delivered and never run out or forget to order feed again.

Installing BinTalk is simple and can be done in 10-15 minutes.

No tools are required to mount it to the top of your bin, and you do not need to drill holes in your bin.

Clip it to the top of your bin.
Forget about drilling holes. BinTalk’s patented clip-on mounting makes installation easy.

Connect up to 8 sensors per Gateway
You can connect up to 8 feed sensors per gateway. Every BarnTalk Gateway can handle up to 24 sensors in total.

BinTalk is >96% accurate in measuring feed volume. 

View the volume of feed inside your bin as a percentage full. We are working to build warnings and alarms around low feed and fill events.

Reliable readings up to every hour
As often as every hour, the camera takes a picture of the inside of the feed bin and receives a point cloud showing the amount of feed in the bin.

Self Calibrating Bin Size
For most bin sizes,The BinTalk sensor is self-calibrating: Once the feed bin is emptied the first time, that will establish the capacity for all future calculations.