Ready for a Reliable Alarm?

Never miss an alarm again with BarnTalk, the self-connecting barn alarm‍ for swine and poultry producers.

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It starts with reliable connectivity, out-of-the-box. 

The BarnTalk Gateway includes built-in cellular connectivity that automatically connects as soon as you plug it in. NO landline, WiFi, or cell phone plan needed.

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Simple to Use

There’s no learning curve with the BarnTalk app. The design is 
user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy enough for anyone to use.

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Complete Monitoring

Choose from our full suite of wireless sensors and monitor conditions 24/7 at your fingertips. 

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  • One Gateway can cover up to two barns or poultry houses.

  • Sensors range up to 700-800 feet to the Gateway.

  • Connect up to 24 sensors per Gateway. Up to 1 Outdoor Temp and up to 8 BinTalk Sensors can be connected per Gateway.

  • BarnTalk works straight out of the box. No landline, WiFi, or cell phone plan is needed.

  • The BarnTalk subscription covers your built-in, plug-and-play connectivity.

  • Receive alarms via text message, phone call, or push notification from the app.

What Makes BarnTalk Different?

Download the BarnTalk Product Overview.